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The internet has allowed us to access and connect with everything and everyone across the globe. That also means, we face increasingly complex privacy and security issues.

Private Internet Access (PIA) took on that challenge to build a secure virtual private network tunnel with super strong encryption. It has now become the world’s most trusted VPN.

Our task was to help create a brand that was trustworthy and accessible to all.


One click security

We wanted to make sure users on the app felt a sense of trust and reliability. For most users, the main interface is a single button that activates the VPN but we added some interactions and motion design to create a more engaging experience.

Advanced controls

For advanced users or just users who want to see more granular settings, we created detailed views that allow users to customize and change additional settings.

Protection on the go

We designed both iOS and Android apps to cover the majority of the world’s audience for scalability and globalization. Following the same principles as our web design, we made secure and reliable internet access available with a simple tap of a button and all from the palm of your hands.

Establishing a unique style

We believe in consistency and strong foundations so our style guide and UI kit included iconography, motion guidelines, text styles, and color palettes. We also added a components library for things like buttons, headers, error messages and more so as PIA continues to grow, the design can quickly scale as well.

For such a complex and nuanced area, Next was able to design a simple and effective user experience.

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